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Updated: Apr 19, 2021


Your first surf trip ?

How to prepare and what to bring.

Booking your first surf trip or surf lessons may seem a little intimidating so read on to take your unwarranted worries away!

Is it okay that I’ve never surfed before?

Absolutely! We have complete beginners with us almost every day of the year. You will be in a separate lesson with the other first timers, so you won’t be on your own. Also being a completely blank slate can often help your progress as you won’t have picked up bad habits by trying to teach yourself! First timers - we are here for you and we love you!

What should I bring?

Seems like an obvious question for us who grew up by the beach and have surfed a long time but it’s a great question so that you arrive prepared and have what you need!

Number one... Reusable water bottle! You are going to be using a lot of energy and spending time in the sun so staying hydrated is really important. Taking single use bottles of water to the beach each day is not a good look – we encourage eradicating single-use plastic where possible.

Secondly is Quality Suncream! Portugal is very sunny. Every. Single. Day. (Almost). When choosing suncream for surfing you need to understand the majority of water resistant and

waterproof suncreams may be good for a 30 second dip in a pool but they are not going to cut it in the sea and will probably just run into your eyes. Look out for Zinc based products or ocean specific sun creams and you’ll have a much more comfortable trip.

A beach towel! Dries you when you get out of the sea and then you can sunbathe on it.

Headphones and a good book! For the lunchtimes and when we may need to wait for the tides.

If you forget suncream or a water bottle we have them on site for you to purchase HERE

How can I physically prepare?

Surfing can be physically challenging, so a general level of fitness is always going to be an advantage. However, don’t be put off if you feel your fitness level is not adequate as you can take it at your own pace. Super important to remember we are a surf camp focussed on encouragement, fun and good times.

In your build up to your holiday you could try swimming some lengths, yoga, pilates and just generally stretching to improve your flexibility. Search on YouTube for some hip opening exercises, this will help a lot. When you are being taught to surf correctly, you’ll notice having strength is good but proper technique and instruction will get you to your feet much quicker than brute strength.

Is it okay to travel solo?

Yes. It is. Our majority of arrivals are solo travellers and you’ll only be a solo traveller until you reach the front door and are welcomed by the rockstar hosting team. Better still - we can even collect you from the airport. Travelling solo is great, you can have exactly the holiday you want your way with no comprising for other people! The Surf Experience has already been responsible for 7 or 8 marriages so far so you may not leave solo! Woop woop!


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