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FOOD LEVELS are such a major part of The Surf Experience. 


We are super lucky to have Thais come and grace us with her passion for this 2023 season. 


She has real dedication to finding local and seasonal produce combined with the maximum nutrition and taste. 

Thais will create everyday lunches and dinners twice a week on the Rooftop Terrace taking us on daily trips beyond restaurant levels.

To note - we can cater for specialist diets upon request.


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Since I can remember, I’ve been around kitchens, pots and pans. My father is a chef so since I am a little kid, I have a curiosity of trying new kinds of food, new ingredients, flavors, textures, aromas.

I grew up a big part of my childhood in the Atlantic forest in Brazil, which it has lots of tropical fruits, mandioca, rice, beans, so working with fresh fruits and vegetables has always been a part of how I like to eat and share my preparations to others.

I’ve been working professionally as a cook for about 8 years, specialized in vegan and vegetarian cuisine, and on the last year starting to add meat on my dishes. 

I’ve worked in restaurants, salad bars, events, retreats and in workshops, teaching people how to transform their habits with cooking healthier and homemade food.

In every meal I aim to give the diner a positive, pleasurable and warming experience, because I believe that we have the power to improve our well being with the power of food, with the intentions that we transfer in our meals, that will eventually transform our lives.


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Welcome to the legendary ROOFTOP and BBQ joint on the top of the SURFHOUSE.


All prepped for everyday APRES SURF bar between 17.30 - 19.30 when we head to local restaurants and open for the whole evening for the 2 world class DINNER & BBQ sessions with THAIS and special guests.

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