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We don’t confirm bookings until a deposit has been received. If a booking is cancelled once a deposit has been paid, we will hold the deposit, and it can be used against a future booking made within a year from the date of the cancelled booking.

If a booking is cancelled 3 weeks or less before the date of arrival, the deposit is non-refundable. If a booking is cancelled 7 days or less before arrival, full payment is due.



We ask for payment on arrival. if you want to know exactly how much you need to pay, please ask us in advance by email, and we will quote you the amount. Payments are in cash, we have no facility to pay by card



Please note that refunds are not given for surf days missed due to illness, injury or simply deciding to take a rest day, or partake in another activity.This also includes airport transfers booked but not used. On occasion, it can happen that we may have to end a surf session early, or not let people in the water. almost inevitably this is due to weather/surf condition being unsafe or unviable, and we cannot refund for this. our instructors will do their best to maximise your time in the water every day.



Very occasionally a situation may arise in which we may have to make an alteration to a clients booking, which we reserve the right to do. the change would only be a slight one, and we will endeavour to inform you as soon as it happens. If we feel that you’re behaviour is unacceptable, or if you disrespect other clients, local residents or us, we reserve the right to terminate your stay with us immediately with no refund.



We always advise our clients to have good travel insurance before coming to us. we accept no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to property during your stay. We are fully insured for personal injury and 3rd party injury/damage that may occur, but be aware that when you're surfing, you must be responsible for your actions and consequences. If you are surfing outside our supervised zone and time, you are not covered by our insurance. By the act of coming surfing with us, you are acknowledging that surfing has the potential to be a dangerous sport, that inherent risks are involved and that the Surf Experience is not responsible for the consequences of your actions.


We hope you understand and accept all this. its just to minimise confusion, and then you can enjoy your holiday to the maximum.

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