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OUR TOP 11 RESTAURANTS - when not hosting nights on the SURFHOUSE ROOFTOP our team have these unbelievable options a hop & skip away...

  1. A FORJA - PORTUGUESE TRADITIONAL Right next door to us is one of the great locals restaurants that supply the best in grilled fish and more traditional daily specials.


A favourite since they started. Super dope authentic mexican dishes combined with cocktails and the very best vibes. 5 mins walk away.


Super cosy joint that supplies Ramen, Bam Buns & Thai Curries to name a few. Great selection of cocktails , beers & wines. 7 mins walk away.

4. O PESCADOR - Traditional Portuguese.

Another great national dish option - 1 min away with highlights being the ARROZ DO MARISCO - seafood rice.


Reggae Jams and some of the world´s best burgers.

Insane cocktails & mocktails. 10 min walk.

6. CASINHA DO PETISCO - RAD traditional portuguese.

This has an emphasis on meat and their legendary PRAWNS - Surf n Turf. Super hard to get in as it's so small - so we often send smaller groups to try their luck !!

7. SUN RAYS - Supplies the veggie, vegan and meat options all from organic produce. World cuisinehith influences from middle east to europe. Also slightly biased as this is the baby of our awesome former chef OUR RACHEL !! 20 mins walk or short drive.

8. POMODOR PIZZARIA - Brand new pizza joint jumping straight in as number 1 server of NAPLES DREAMS.. 10 mins walk.

9. MULLENS - The classic !! jazzy vibes - big long wooden tables serving up off the grill. Meat, Fish and Veggie options. Live mic sessions on Saturdays. 5 mins walk.

10. PIE - the best place for pure comfort food, good music and in or outdoor seating options. Veggie and Vegan options plus a great selection of craft beers. 5 mins walk.

11. POKÉ LAGOS - Yup it´ s poke and with seating outside it is awesome for warm summer nights...

12. ++++ we could go on !!!!! LAGOS IS SO GODDAMN LOADED WITH GOOD RESTAURANTS and all just - " down the road " !!

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