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  • Beach towel and good sun block (one that doesn't run into your eyes while surfing)

  • Beach clothes, flip flops etc.

  • Drinking bottle. we take water to the beach in 15l containers, so you can refill from there

  • In summer, bring a light jacket, it wont rain, but evenings can sometimes get a little chilly

  • Out of the summer, bring a few slightly warmer clothes

  • Travel insurance



  • Remind us if you have any food intolerance or are a veggie, vegan, vampire etc

  • Payment on arrival. we don't take credit cards. there are ATM machines very close by. If neither of the

  • Tobys are there, you will be able to catch one of them in the office end of day (17-18h), or the next morning



  • If you arrive fairly early in the day, please feel free to ask about stuff to do. you will be at the beach every other day, so it’s a good chance to see a bit of Lagos.

  • If you booked us for airport pick up, our guy will be there for you with a paper with your name on it in the arrivals area close to the café central.



  • We can cater for veggies and vegans for lunch, please remind us when you get here.

  • We also do our best to work around food allergies, such as nuts, or seafood etc. again, please remind us when you get here.  and be sure to have any emergency treatments at hand if you ingest the wrong food type.

  • If you want speciality foods like soya/almond milk, gluten free bread etc, there’s a mini market close by that has a section selling those kind of items.



  • Olá - hello

  • Bom dia/boa tarde/boa noite - good morning/afternoon/evening

  • Obrigado/a - thanks with an o if you're a guy and a if you're a girl

  • Please - se faz favor say it like "ssfashfavor"



  • If you're not a novice surfer, good idea to let us know your surf level.

  • This is a good chart to gauge yourself :

  • Please let us know all your flight details if we are doing your transfers

  • If you're arriving to us independently, please give us a rough arrival and departure time.

  • We have have personal accident and 3rd party insurances

  • If you miss days surfing while youre here for any reason, we cant refind you for them.

  • If you have any pre-existing injuries, please advise us

  • Lagos is a great town to party! we want you to have the best time you can, but please do your partying in.The bars and not in the surf house or our other accommodation.

  • Be respectful and kind to other guests, our neighbours, local people and especially us!

  • Finally..... have an amazing trip!

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