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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  here are a few things we get asked


Do I need to bring my own bed clothes?  No. Every accommodation option is fully stocked


What is NOT included in the price?  Evening dinners and airport transfers.



Do I need insurance?  Yes although you are covered in the water and whilst in the cars with Surf Experience but we heavily advise you have at least a basic travel insurance.



How far are you from an airport?  FARO. it is between 45 - 60 mins with our transfers. 2 hours by train.



I’ve never done surfing before should I be scared? NO WAY. Safety first and Fun second.



I am a surfer but don’t want to hang in the white water can you cater for me too? Absolutely. We will often separate groups to get the best conditions for everyone.



I’m traveling alone. Is this a problem?  HARDLY! This is the best place on earth to come and meet like minded people.



What is the daily routine? Normally everyone will be eating breakfast from around 7:45am and the first Trucks will start to drive out from 8:30am. We aim to get classes two times a day for two hours each either side of lunch. Surf Surfaris a little more ad-lib. Usual meeting time of around 7.30pm for us all to go for dinner.



Can you cater for Veggies or Vegans? All our breakfasts and lunches are veggie.



Can I ever wear boardies? Yes, in some summer and autumn months as long as we don’t have North winds. South Coast swells from North Africa on local beach always allows us to get boardies and bikinis rockin´.



Why is Stars Wars everywhere? Silly Question!!



How close to the beach are you? 5 mins from Batata Beach and maybe

double that for Meia Praia.



Do you have roof terraces to chill? Yes two dope terraces on the surfhouse

main, A central terrace in Clotide’s Pensão and full view of ocean and marina

from both the BOUTIQUE option and Mirelia’s Pensão.



Do you organise other activities if i take a day off? If you want to take a day

off or simply miss the ride due to too much liquer then we have some

Diving, Horseriding, Kayaking, Dolphin watching etc all possible to arrange

from one day to the next.


Can I watch the World Cup? Sure, the games will be showing on large screen we can

Direct you to. The match times are also good for fitting around your surfing schedule.

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