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In the late 90s a small cocky dog literally walked into our lives.


Initially he hated the sea, hated driving in cars and hated poodles.


Yet he loved digging Rocks, a medium rare Steak and walking everyone back from the bars.


This combination would cement him into our hearts and the hearts of all who came through us over the years.


He would eventually get over his car sickness and also give in to us by endlessly throwing him into the sea.


All agreed he was as close to a human a dog had ever been.


All the traits of being an absolute cheeky asshole and the bestest of friends getting up to no good; humping, relieving himself at airport arrivals on a regular basis, fighting dogs 10x bigger than him ( his eye ball came out of it´s socket in one battle !! ), representing all TSE guests on arrival and about town, falling out of high speed landys on the west coast ( didn't even know until we arrived at the beach !! ), always there to listen to all our problems – and yours. List goes on…


When he passed in 2007 we opened a public dedication page and we were stunned to find out how many lives he had touched.


One in particular – little did we know he had helped a lady through cancer treatment by spending days with her over one summer. Only when the lady´s daughter came for a daytrip surfing with us one day she was dumbfounded to see her mum´s little saint sitting in the front seat of the landy -  ready to stamp her white shirt of course !!


He had a condition we could not cure although he still had fight. On his last 3 nights he stayed with each partner and they spoilt him cooking up his favourite dishes. On the fourth day he looked at us all and with loving eyes said goodbye. We weeped and he was laid to rest on the west coast overlooking Pussy Galau.


When wearing that rashie for TSE you represent the best out of life and living the moment right now !!


All hail


The Rat


Bung Eye


Always missed.

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