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- Fri 18th 10:00PM | Weds 23rd 7:00PM


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Born and raised in a popular neighborhood in Rome, with Southern roots.  I've always been surrounded by people working and creating magic with food. I have a vivid memory about going to the market as a kid, overwhelmed by an explosion of colours, aromas and that folksy charm to my eyes. My idol was a big lady from the countryside ; independent and hardworking, she was an artichoke seller, very typical in Rome. She used to bring me fresh eggs wrapped in a newspaper page with the name she used to call me with it on ~ so rock'nroll to my 6-year-old eyes !! I wanted to be her in the future. 


My large family came from the south of Italy, my grandparents were farmers, and I spent all my summers as a "savage" kid in the family farmhouse playing around with animals, picking any kinda of food from the ground or a tree, learning about what is seasonal, when to plant something, when to use it, rhythms of nature and how to respect them. After the daily work in the country, we use to go back home and my grandmother prepared lunch and dinner for about 25 of us, at least 6 or 7 different dishes, twice a day: was just a daily routine, it would have been my job one day, it was already like a restaurant and yet I didn't know ! This is probably one of the reasons why I don't always feel cooking is like a job, it just something that comes naturally. This is just my place to be. 

Growing up I've attended the hospitality high school, mixing up studying and working since I was 17; "playing around with food is gonna make you find jobs wherever you want to go " they said: I ended up working in different parts of Italy, New Zealand, England, Südtirol and now to The Surf Experience. Approaching different kind of cuisine, from traditional Italian food, to Gourmet restaurants, from crazy-good quality junk-food places to extra healthy retreats in idyllic spots.


But as much I love every type of cuisine and new flavors, new technique, innovation, here comes the point where I realized that I've always had an insane passion for the classic typical well made food, and moreover, how essential is to keep alive traditions and culture, in my case The Culture of Food. Food can get me emotional, sometimes I cried when eating something that really blew my mind, or I can get simply freaking stoked beyond words!!


 When it comes to the table, this is one of the best moments of the day, for me it's caring, sharing, conviviality, it's time for your taste buds, it's getting to know new flavours and finally it is getting you so full that you're gonna roll away from the table. FOODCOMA is my religion

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